Windrow Clearing Program for Persons with Disabilities

The windrow is the pile of snow that street plows leave at the bottom of driveways. For those with impairments, the City of Burlington offers a windrow clearance service.

The registration period has ended. The Windrow program has reached capacity.

How the service works

  • Windrow clearing contractors are dispatched after all roadway plowing is completed
  • Residents can expect windrows to be cleared within 36 hours after the snow stops falling and within 12 hours after all road plowing is completed
  • Plowing services will run from November 15, 2021 to March 31, 2022
  • This service does not include windrows left by sidewalk plows
  • The program is restricted to 175 spaces and requires a non-refundable cost of $58.29 per driveway entrance for the whole season.

Prerequisites for the program

  • You are a Burlington resident residing south of Dundas Street or inside the Alton community solely
  • You are physically unable to remove your windrow(s) and there are no other able-bodied persons living at that address