Services for People with Disabilities in Burlington


Halton Court Services is dedicated to providing services that are accessible to all persons, including those with disabilities. We follow the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005’s customer service standards.


We will communicate with you in ways that take into consideration a disability if you let us know what your needs are.

Assistive Technology

You are free to use your own assistive equipment. Hearing aids are available for loan at the front desk and in the courtrooms. Our service staff has been taught on how to use assistive devices when they are available in our premises. Individuals are not permitted to use recording or video devices.

Forms that are easily accessible

As part of the Ministry of Attorney General’s commitment to making the court system more accessible to people with disabilities, some Provincial Offences Act forms are now available in accessible versions. In the future, more forms will be offered in accessible formats.

The forms below are designed to operate with typical screen readers used by people who are blind or have low vision. The font is also larger on these forms than on standard forms.

• Request for an Extension of Time to Pay a Fine (DOCX)

• Request for Reopening (DOCX)

• Affidavit in a General Form (DOCX)

• Motion to Suppress (DOCX)

Animals that provide assistance

You are welcome to bring your service animal into any area of our facility that is open to the public.

Persons Who Assist People With Disabilities

While utilizing our services, you can contact your support person. If you want to use a support person in situations where legal issues will be discussed, please let us know ahead of time. It’s possible that your support person will be requested to sign a confidentiality agreement, or that the function of the support person will need to be agreed upon ahead of time.

Disruption of Service

We shall notify the public if there is a problem with facilities, equipment, or services that persons with disabilities rely on. The nature of the problem will decide how we deliver the notice. Wherever possible, we will endeavour to make alternative arrangements to deliver service.

Staff Education

Employees, including those who interact with the public and those engaged in the formulation and approval of customer service policies, methods, and processes, are given training. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, governs this training.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

How do I make a request for lodging?

Please contact: if you or someone you represent has a handicap and requires accessible services or accommodations at one of our Halton Region court locations.

Line Mercier, Supervisor of Court Administration, 905-637-1274, ext. 6399

If you need accommodations for a court hearing, the local courts may grant them at their discretion. A motion should be filed in this matter to obtain the court’s assistance. For further information on submitting a motion in the Provincial Offences Act Court, please contact courts administration at 905-637-1274, ext. 6399.

What questions can the court ask regarding my disability? Is it necessary for me to inform everyone about my condition?

In most cases, the courts or its workers will not require any more personal data. The facts of your request and the personal information you provide will only be shared with those in the court who need to know about your impairment in order to make a decision or provide you with accommodations.

Is it necessary for me to inform the court that I require accommodations?

Yes. It is in your best interests to contact the court and request the accommodations that are most appropriate for your requirements. If you do not request accommodations, the courts will not be aware of your need in advance and may be unable to provide you with adequate service.

Is it possible for the court to turn down my request?

Yes, the court has the authority to deny your request in specific circumstances. Speak with the above-mentioned contacts for more information and/or clarification.